Four Downs: Nebraska vs Iowa

Well, Nebraska wins the “Heroes Game” and finishes the season the with my predicted record of 9-3. It was a solid season, with playmakers making the difference in key games. Let’s keep it with playmakers. First Down: Lavonte David, Team MVP – Outside of Mike Rozier, what other junior college transfer has had an impact like Lavonte […]

Four Downs: Huskers Midseason Report

The Huskers are 5-1, right where most people pegged them to be. Granted, the play behind that 5-1 record does little to inspire confidence for the rest of the season. Let’s look at some statistics, and then go to Four Downs. Preseason AP Ranking: 10 Current AP Ranking: 14 Football Outsiders S&P+ Ranking: 34

Four Downs: Nebraska v Ohio State

A season saving win for the Huskers tonight. I hope it isn’t overshadowed by the postgame press conference Bo Pelini just had. We’ll get to that in a minute, but…wow. And, special thanks to my wife who texted and tweeted updates for me while we were driving home at the start of the fourth quarter. […]

Four Downs: Nebraska at Wisconsin

No shame in losing to Wisconsin, but when Nebraska loses like that it’s sad. As Bo Pelini said, “That was a joke.” No reason to belabor anything. Let’s get to it. First Down: Russell Wilson is now a Heisman favorite – For awhile there, I thought the Huskers defense was playing well. They were making […]