I Miss Bo

I missed this last week, but given the game this past weekend, it has a stronger delivery this week. Local sports radio hostĀ Scott Voorhees sings “I Miss Bo” to the tune of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen and an Omaha Press Club event. Enjoy.  

Now It Gets Real…Last In the Nation In Past Defense? Painful Penalties? Horrible Game Management? Are You Kidding Me?

How the mighty have fallen. Nebraska no longer makes headlines for its gridiron glory. After yesterday’s debacle at Illinois, the program has reached a new low. Today the program is “making news” as part of USA TODAY’s Misery Index: Week 5. Poor, poor Nebraska. We aren’t even sure what to say anymore. Well, we can […]

These Huskers Are Tough

Composure. It’s something the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team has sorely lacked for 11 years. Today, the team is just 1-2 after a rough start to the season, but Husker Nation has every reason to breathe easy. We are on the right track again. What’s been missing from the program is back: resilience, grit, heart, tenacity […]

Illegal gambling in college football still a huge problem

College football is no stranger to investigations into illegal betting. While few of the cases threaten the veracity of most football matches, game fixing can be very problematic especially to a fledgling football player’s career. College footballers are very vulnerable to illegal betting as many fixers are experts on identifying pressure points. A little bit […]