Momentum Will Swing Nebraska’s Way, But When?

Nebraska’s last three losses have been by a total of six points, and all four losses have been by a total of 11 points. The ball hasn’t bounced our way. While can discuss poor play calling, and poor execution until the cows come home, the fact is the Huskers beat themselves in all four losses this season, but just barely.

One voice I enjoy hearing from during this Current Corn Crisis is Adam Carriker’s. He’s a Husker legend and he was born in Hastings.

Basically, the sky is falling, the apocalypse is near and the sun will never shine again. Now that we’ve got that out of our system, let’s look at the whole picture.

…It’s a small victory, but we’re not getting blown out like we have on more than a few occurrences in recent memory, at least so far this season. A few things go differently and this season looks a lot different.

We all know how bad it sucks to be 2-4 right now. No one’s saying it doesn’t suck, but sucking is by degrees and for me personally, I can see the brighter future that has yet to dawn in Lincoln. Let’s keep the faith, shall we? As the players and coaches are tested, so are we, “the best fans in college football.”

Now, let’s hear directly from another local, Jack Gangwish, on the difficulties the team is having and how it hurts, especially for the Nebraska-born-and-raised players.

It’s weird to badly need a win at Minnesota and another win at home against Northwestern in order to right the ship. But that’s the deal in 2015.

Go Big Red.