An Ugly Win It Was

Nebraska was up 22-0 at the half last Saturday against an outmanned Souther Miss team; yet, the Huskers managed to lose the second half of the game 14-28.

Luckily, the early 22-point lead was enough to overcome the lackluster performance in the second half, and the Huskers won the game by eight points on Homecoming Saturday.

This might be a good time to remind that Southern Miss did beat Nebraska. Once. The year was 2004’Bill Callahan’s first season in Lincoln. I mention this merely to remind ourselves of the recent past and just how bad it was.

I was glad to see Adam Carriker try to calm fans’ nerves on his Facebook page.

Several people left Memorial Stadium yesterday acting like we had just lost. The sky is not falling. We knew we most likely are a ways away from the national title. Everything that matters most, starts this week when we open Big 10 conference play against Illinois. The Huskers definitely need to improve in some areas, but they have some definite strengths as well. Like I’ve said before, the division is wide open with no clear front runner. I believe we’ll have the advantage at QB in most of our remaining games & our run defense is strong. QB is the most important position on the field & everybody in our division wants to run the ball first. I think 8-4 is a very likely record heading into the bowl game. Whether that happens & whether that gets us into the Big 10 title game, I don’t know. But we’re not Chicken Little & the sky is not falling.

If 8-4 is the outcome, that means we are about to go 6-2 in conference play. I like Carriker’s positive outlook a lot, but I don’t know if this team will win that many games. I think 8-4 is possible, but Nebraska will need to be a much improved team from here on out to beat Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern and the rest.

One thing that encouraged me greatly against Souther Miss was the play of the fullback. Andy Janovich’s five runs for 68 yards, plus one catch out of the backfield, made a big difference in the game.

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  1. The Callahan era II! The plays are too slow developing and the blocking too complicated. The running game has almost disappeared. Tackling is still not sure and reliable, and there are way too many penalties, both signs of a coaching deficit!

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