Cornhuskers Are 1-2 for the First Time Since 1981. Be Not Concerned.

I saw something on Twitter this morning about how Tommy Armstrong doesn’t look at social media after a game. Smart man.

Husker fans are eternal optimists. Best fans in college football. Gracious hosts to visiting teams. That is the public face of Husker Nation. But there is also a darker, impatient and unhappy face to the program, and that ugly face lives and breathes online, where anonymity and remoteness play a large role in the outspoken, unchallenged nature of the content.

I also think our desire as fans to share joys and frustrations during an emotional game full of momentum swings leads to a fracturing of attention and impulsive split-screen posts that may be relevant to only a few followers. It’s material best suited to one’s living room, or if you must, group chat, not Twitter or Facebook.

Personally, I didn’t imagine this team would go 12-0 in 2015. What I hoped for is that we’d get our sense of self back, and we have. It’s been a long time since we’ve had genuine swagger as a football team. I’m encouraged right now with what I see. Sure, I see the deficits too, like no pass rush to speak of. Nevertheless, the good far outweighs the bad.

We have a team ready for battle. That was in too long in doubt, and now there’s no doubt. I thank the players for embracing change, swiftly. I thank the coaches for knowing what playing on the big stage in Lincoln is all about.

Mike Riley and his coaches are leading Nebraska back to glory right now. That’s what I see and what I believe. There’s reason to doubt it, but I’m done doubting. For me the clouds have lifted. We have our team back, after 11 painful years.

By the way, HailVarsity is doing a great job.