These Huskers Are Tough

Composure. It’s something the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team has sorely lacked for 11 years.

Morgan Jr

Today, the team is just 1-2 after a rough start to the season, but Husker Nation has every reason to breathe easy. We are on the right track again. What’s been missing from the program is back: resilience, grit, heart, tenacity and leadership (on and off the field, from players and coaches). We have character again.

It’s funny how removing the “tough guy” from the head coach’s office and replacing him with a calm, cool and collected CEO of Football changes the dynamic for the better. The team on the field is now clearly tougher, particularly in the mental aspects of the game. Despite falling behind against BYU and Miami, the Huskers had their minds, hearts and bodies in both games the whole time.

The meltdowns of the Pelinihan era are over. We have our Cornhuskers back and I am grateful.

Go Big Red.