Shawn Eichorst impressed the media with his handling of events this week. He also impressed fans. Not all fans, but this fan, for one.

This is no insignificant thing, impressing the media. Eichorst also declared, “I like you guys,” speaking directly to members of media in attendance at Friday’s presser. He added that he listens to all constituents, including the media.

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Following a bitter mistrust between factions in the Nebraska media and “Pelinihan,” Eichorst’s commons sense and Riley’s nice guy approach are welcome upgrades in Lincoln.

Tom Shatel of The Omaha World Herald is perhaps the top dog on the Huskers football beat. Shatel asked,
“Who knew this was the Chuck Norris of athletic directors?”

Chop, chop, chop!

Shatel also noted Eichorst’s confidence in Riley, and how he has no worry about Riley’s record translating to NU:

I have zero concern about that. It’s not always about the outcome. It’s about people. We have an elite football coach who now has an incredible history behind him, incredible resources, a passionate fan base. I know there is uncertainty in our fan base, but we have a good football coach, and I think folks should be ready and excited to unite and take this program to where it should be. We’re going to have success. I know that and you can hear it in Mike’s voice. He is a football coach …

I heard Eric Crouch describe Nebraska as an “island” on The Big Ten Network the other day. It is an apt description. What we now know about one of the island’s leaders is how he thinks and how he works. Eichorst is an old school values guy, like Tom Osborne. That mindset has been sorely absent from Memorial Stadium for 11 years.

By the way, Eichorst grew up on a farm outside of Madison, WI. He played defensive end at Wisconsin-Whitewater, where he was captain of the team and an all-conference performer. These two facts are key to seeing why’s he’s a great fit at Nebraska. He’s also a lawyer who knows a thing or two about holding his cards. And what a hand he played this week. Hat’s off to the A.D.

Go Big Red.