Debacle at the Rose Bowl

Outcoached. Outplayed. Unhinged under pressure.

UCLA 36 – Nebraska 30

Stat of the night: UCLA Total Offensive Yardage: 648 Yards.

648 Yards. 2 More yards allowed than Rice gave up the Bruins last week.

Jim Mora Jr., with his 8 starting freshman, came prepared and beat Pelini in the coaching department. The Nebraska defense, except for a handful of key moments, was non-existent. The offensive line played well the first half, but taking blitz after blitz, was shot in the final quarter of play. Play calling – a zone read from the 4; third down conversions?

Yet despite all of that, Nebraska was in this game until the end. And then the pressure boiled over. Taylor Martinez trying to rally his troops, stares down a streaking Kenny Bell (if memory serves correctly) a fires a pass everyone expected for an interception. Game essentially over at that point, minus the idiotic rule changes for onsides kicks in 2012.

There’s a lot of soul searching that needs to be done on defensive side of the ball, and let’s hope they find what they are looking for…and fast. For starters, there are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube for How To Tackle.

What did you think of the game tonight? Fire off in the comments.

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  1. Nebraska has highly recruited players but aren’t willing to play them. Why not ? Mistakes are made by freshmans and seniors. Apparently Nebraska just wants these players they recruited so hard to transfer! Also Pelini defensive scheme is way to complex for college. I believe coach Mcbride said it himself.

  2. Same old story – same old song by Pelini. NU should put a life sized Peleini cardboard cutout in front of the microphone for the post-game press conference after every loss along with a tape recorder of Pelini saying “I’m disappointedâ? â?? â??I’m embarrassed for our fans at the way we playedâ? â?? â??We just didn’t executeâ? â?? â??Our fundamentals were terribleâ? – yada yada yada. The exact same excuses after every defeat. When are NU fans going to wake up and realize this imposter is at best a mediocre Defensive Coordinator but not head football coach material for a major college program? – Either in terms of leadership or taking accountability for failure to have his team prepared plus his on-field demeanor makes the NU football program a laughing stock in the national media.

  3. Our defensive line lines up about a yard and a half back from the line…why? I suppose it is so they can get a ‘read’ on the play and react, well, their reading skills need a bunch of improvement! I say line up nose to nose and POP somebody!-run with abandon to the ball!-pressure the heck out of the opposing quarterback!, i.e. forget the sophisticated defensive approach and go kick some butt!…I’m not sure we have the talent however to do that…so where’s our vaunted recruiting corps? Oh, and one last thing, Taylor Martinez is no quarterback, he gets frazzeled too easily and once that happens his passing and decisions become the actions of a terrorized boy…UCLA recruited him as a wing back…hmmm, looks like they knew what they were doing.

  4. I totally agree with Plattcop2 above. Bo is both a national punch line & embarassment. How many years of mediocrity and zero conference championships, not to mention being an NCAA laughing stock for his temper tantrums and abusive sideline behavior, must Dr. Tom & NU fans take? Fire him now and bring in a coach with some integrity and class who knows how to motivate instead of just ranting and screaming at his players.

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