Bradley v. Pelini One Of Many Storylines

Players play the game, but coaches also line up against one another on game day.

Tomorrow at high noon (EST) Tom Bradley lines up against Bo Pelini and #19 Nebraska.

It would be a heck of a debut under any circumstance, but given the spotlight and widespread condemnation in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, it’s hard to say just how big of a moment this is for Bradley and his team. I don’t think he’ll be getting much sleep tonight, let’s put it that way.

According to ESPN:

It’s no secret Bradley has wanted this job for years.

Just not like this.

When the ball is kicked at high noon tomorrow, a new chapter in Nittany Lions history will be underway. I wish Penn State and Bradley well (against Ohio State next week and beyond). But tomorrow can belong to Nebraska, provided we pound the ball and stifle their every move on D.

The Pelini brothers are not perfect coaches, but they’re competitors and I have to think we’re going to unHappy Valley to lay a beat down on a disoriented and overly emotional team.

My call: Huskers 42 – Penn State 21.

Go Big Red.