National Signing Day – Husker Recruits

Vincent Valentine – Defensive Tackle – Edwardsville, IL

Tommy Armstrong – Quarterback – Cibolo, TX

Aaron Curry – Defensive Tackle – Keller, TX

LeRoy Alexander – Running Back / Cornerback – Toledo, OH

Thomas Brown – Linebacker – Gardena, CA

Alonzo Moore – Defensive Back / Wide Receiver / Quarterback – Winnfield, LA

Mohammed Seisay – Cornerback – Eastern Arizona Junior College (Transfer)

Michael Rose – Linebacker – Kansas City, MO

Greg McMullen – Defensive End – Akron, OH

Zaire Anderson – Linebacker – Riverside Community College (Transfer)

Jared Afalava – Linebacker – South Jordan, UT

Imani Cross – Running Back – Gainesville, GA

Avery Moss – Defensive End – Tempe, AZ

Sam Cotton – Tight End – Lincoln, NE

Jordan Westerkamp – Wide Receiver – Lombard, IL

Corey Whitaker – Offensive Lineman – Murrieta, CA

Paul Thurston – Offensive Tackle – Arvada, CO


  1. One kid from Nebraska? No one from Omaha? Talk about spreading the field.

  2. Let me start off by saying Bo is THE MAN !!! We just signed a VERY GOOD CLASS. As we did last year. Im very excited to see the QB compition!!! And there will be one!!! Bo has shown he will start a freshman QB. Mr. Armstrong has a real chance to beat out T-MART!!! With T-MART starting at the slot reciever. J. Westercamp is a STUD WR!!! Hands,speed,and did i read this right? a 40 inch VERTICAL!!! With MY MAN J TURNER as a serious threat!!! Give Bo 6 more years. And lets take a serious look at our OL COACHES!!! Bo’s in a bad position with COTTON and DODSON!!! They are VERY good friends. Need to make these Big-Time OL recruits to step up. Or i see Cotton and Dodson in trouble!!!