Pelini Wants Nebraska Fans To Behave, Fans Want An Offense That Makes Sense

When Ohio State was pummeling Nebraska on prime time TV, some boos reigned down on the field. It was hard for me to see, because the camera cut away, but it appeared that Bo Pelini made a gesture to the crowd to express his displeasure. No, he didn’t give fans the finger, but he waved them off, as if their concerns did not matter. And support him or not, that’s a problem.

According to the Omaha World Herald, Pelini believes Memorial Stadium is no places for boos.

We have loyal, passionate fans that have invested a lot in this program. I have great respect for this fan base, the support they give, how they travel, all the things that they do. … I know they want to win badly, but I’ve just got to remind them all that we want to win just as bad. Bottom line is, I just simply don’t believe that there’s any place for booing in a college stadium. Some fans may disagree with that, but that’s something I feel strongly about.

I’m a fan who disagrees with that. How would the coach like us to voice our displeasure? Perhaps in an email?

If it was Tom Osborne saying he didn’t think there was a place for booing, I would also disagree but at least it would be consistent with who the man is. Pelini is a hot head, and the fact that he is leaves him zero room to effectively state his concerns on this matter. In other words, the guy who yells and loses his cool, has no ground to stand on here.


  1. Oh please…….I’m so sick of hearing all the negativity and all the criticism and finger pointing and just simply put, its all rediculous. Just as we don’t have the players we had in the past, we don’t have the fans we had in the past either. Times have changed and all the filth, that I’ve read is so pathetic. I stopped reading on many Husker sites, unliked many on FB because it makes me sick to know that there are so many immature people in the world. The swearing, the pathetic things said, its all just dumb.
    Let the Huskers play their game. Be a true fan. Win or lose, you stand behind them and their coach! If you don’t like what you’ve “invested in”, go elsewhere so that us true fans don’t have do hear all the trash and be here for our team!!!!

  2. Oh ya……let it go already!!!

  3. Actually, given that I am older than the head coach, I’m pretty sure that we do indeed have the fans of the past. I’m one of them.